The PowerWAVE 6000

This video introduces the PowerWAVE 6000 400kva and 500kva UPS unit; KUPs brand new solution for the extremely high powered data centres.

Video Transcription

Mike Elms: We now look into the market segment of the very high powered data centres; the 1, the 2, the multi megawatt data centres.

And the extension to KUP’s product portfolio is here in the new PowerWAVE6000 400 and 500kva UPS unit.

It’s actually down to the unity power factor.

So it actually delivers 400KW or 500KW in a single standalone unit. It’s based on the tried and trusted transformer less technology which means they’ve taken away that great big heavy lump of metal, taken away that transformer.

And immediately the UPS becomes 2 – 5% more efficient than a traditional legacy transformer based design UPS unit.

Nowadays a high power UPS system, like the 6000, 500KW is in a very small footprint of only 1.4 square metres. It actually weighs less than a tonne; 950kilograms.

Therefore the idea or the concept of scalability or modularity within the megawatt datacentre itself is becoming more of a practical reality.

The PowerWAVE 6000 400 and 500 Kilowatt unit can be parallel together up to 10 units, giving you a 4 and 5 megawatt single system.

The principal is still the same, it is still decentralised parallel architecture.

So each unit is a standalone UPS system.

If the system itself requires to go to standby, they’re all controlled, they all go to standby together.

The unit itself is accessed via a front mimic panel, and from that front mimic panel on only one individual unit, you can look at such parameters as input/output voltage, current, kilowatt, KVA, etcetera.

If the units are put together in a parallel system, the system itself can be controlled by one mimic panel.

If we take a quick look actually inside the machine itself.

What we’ll do, we’ll bring down the main flap to look at the main components within the machine.

All the main components have actually been mounted on one front vertical access plain.

Therefor an engineer can access any components from the front.

For example, from the top we have inverter section.

The booster section.

The rectifier section.

The main processing board is on the pull down flap. and all components; input, output terminals etcetera at the bottom, are all front access.

The ventilation cooling requirements of the PowerWAVE 6000’s internal components has been designed so that the air flow is through the gills at the front and exiting through fans mounted on the top of the unit.

This means that combined with any front access required from the front for engineers means that the unit can be positioned quite closely to the rear wall.

So in summary, the PowerWAVE 6000 at 400 and 500 KVA high range machine, is rated at unity power factor: 400 / 500 KW.

Extremely small footprint, less than 1.4 square metres.

Low weight, 950kg. Making it a very scalable modular solution really for high power data centres.

The point of efficiency has been moved to 96% at the point of views which is between 50% and 25% of its operating capacity.

For more information on the PowerWAVE 6000 high powered product range, the 400 and 500KW units, and any of the products that KUP offer, please look at the website which is

All information, product brochures, technical data sheets etcetera, can be found on the website.



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