50-300kW, Three-Phase, Modular

Ideal for: modern, high density computing environments, edge/medium data centres, commercial fitouts and healthcare facilities

At 97.4% efficiency, making it the most energy efficient UPS in its class on the market, this true modular uninterruptible power supply is scalable from 50 kW up to 1.5 MW with a unity output power factor.

Ideal for medium power applications in modern, high density computing environments such as small to medium-sized enterprise and edge data centres plus automated industrial processes and healthcare facilities. The KOHLER PW 9250DPA offers the best reliability for environmentally conscious organisations that also need zero downtime and low cost of ownership.

  • Frame-rated power 300 kW or 250 kW N+1 (hosting up to six modules).
  • Xtra VFI mode: the smart way to enhance efficiency at low load levels
  • Energy storage: lithium-ion, VRLA, NiCd battery; common battery (per frame) or dedicated battery for each UPS module.

More Information

Independently certified as the most energy efficient UPS on the market today, the KOHLER PW 9250DPA has been designed specifically for medium-sized data centres and boasts not only the lowest cost of ownership in its class, but also delivers energy efficiency in true online mode, across a broad spectrum of loads. Such efficiency has been delivered through focus that runs from choice of electronic components, busbar design, high efficiency ancillaries and advanced IGBT interleaving, whilst ensuring reliability and resilience remain at similarly class-leading levels. The high-level efficiency provides top-of-the-market performance and can reduce operational costs and help to minimize environmental impact.

High efficiency reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)

The superior level of UPS module efficiency reduces energy costs both by reducing the amount of direct electricity lost as heat and by reducing costs for associated cooling. Thanks to its advanced engineering the KOHLER PW 9250DPA achieves an efficiency of over 97% in a wide operating range, when the load is between 25 and 75 per cent of nominal capacity.

Xtra VFI

An intelligent feature that minimises loss and improves efficiency when running in double conversion mode. With Xtra VFI mode enabled, the UPS automatically adjusts the number of active modules according to the load requirements. Modules that are not needed are switched to standby but remain in a state of readiness, primed to kick in and transfer to active mode if the load increases or the mains fails. The resulting efficiency improvements are highly significant when the load is less than 25% of full capacity. Find out more and see an example.

Modular Scalability

Up to five 300 kW frames and up to 30 modules can be paralleled for an amazing 1.5MW of uninterrupted power. Secure ring-bus communication ensures there is no single point of failure in the system.

Maximised Availability with Decentralised Parallel Architecture

Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) means each UPS module contains the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components so a DPA parallel system offers extremely high availability. In addition, potential single points of failure are eliminated and system uptime is maximised. UPS modules can be paralleled to provide redundancy (parallel redundancy) or to increase the system’s total capacity.

Fast and secure to maintain

Maintenance is fast and secure thanks to a well thought out electrical and mechanical scheme that reduces the scope for human error. The UPS modules have virtually no wiring and he circuit boards and internal components have been positioned in such a way that consumable parts that may require replacement during service life are easily extractable – making servicing safer and faster. It can take as little as 10 minutes to extract a module, replace the consumable parts, insert it back to the system and turn it back online.

Graphical Display

The system graphical display provides a clear system overview, system level commands, measurements and system status, navigation into module level, and module level measurements and status. The module display allows for easy module-level data access and module management.

Technical Specification

Actual kW / MW 50-300kW
Type Three-phase
Standalone / Modular Modular
Parallelable up to 5 units (1.5MW)
Rated output voltage range 380 / 400 / 415V
Working mode Online double conversion
Efficiency 97.4%
Input current distortion THDi @100% load <2.8%
Hot-swappable modules Yes
Application Data Centres, Airports, Commercial buildings and general IT, Healthcare Facilities, Railway signaling applications
Transformerless Yes
Actual kVA 50-300kW

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