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KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP) is proud to have an installed base supporting a wide variety of critical Government, Civil Service and Defence applications.

Houses of Parliament

Understanding your challenges

Local and Central Governments have become increasingly reliant on IT and Communication systems for the control, administration and operation of key public services. Similarly, “always-on” communications and reliable data processing are fundamental to modern defence facilities.

In both sectors digital access control, resilient emergency lighting and dependable life-safety systems are expected as the norm, though additionally all systems must today be designed also with sustainability in mind.

KUP’s UK installations at The Meteorological Office, Inland Revenue, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Public Health England and many City, County and District Councils protect the integrity of PCs, IT networks, server rooms, communication rooms, call and control centres and data centres. This is done without compromising on sustainability as many of the UPS systems are independently certified as the most energy efficient in their class and all new KOHLER generators are factory-certified to run on renewable HVO fuel. (Existing ones can often be adjusted to do so – please ask for details).

Whilst often in classified applications and locations, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s solutions also provide critical power resilience in defence facilities across the nations it operates in, supported by appropriately trained and security-cleared KUP engineers.

Flexible enough to be configured to fit and work in legacy buildings that were never intended to house them and backed by exceptional post-delivery service support, the KUP products and resources below have been designed to help ensure critical systems are protected in government and defence applications.

To discuss how we can help you find critical power solutions specific to your requirements contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 731 3269.

Reducing our carbon emissions is an ongoing commitment for the council… The new KOHLER PW 9000DPA UPS system was able to deliver a 37-tonne reduction.

Nicola Winser

Carbon Management Officer, West Sussex County Council

The service and installation was outstanding.

Mike Copeland

Contracts Supervisor, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

On hand and ready to support you

Whether considering design concepts for a new facility or how to tackle an upgrade, our trusted experts are on hand to help you find an efficient, resilient system and service package that works for you.

Or why not give us a call on 0800 731 3269 and chat directly to a member of our team.

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