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KOHLER Uninterruptible Power has extensive knowledge and experience of designing, specifying, configuring, installing, commissioning and servicing power protection solutions across a wide range of applications. Ideal for consultants and electrical engineers, KUP offers free technical seminars to keep you up to date with the latest power protection specification and selection requirements and the latest technology available.

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Available CPD (CIBSE Approved) Seminars

The content of our seminars has been independently certified as conforming to CPD guidelines, by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers. Typically, held over a lunch-time, a specialist trainer will visit your site and the seminar will last approximately 1 hour. CPDs can now be held online via video conferencing to suit all requirements.

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CPD 1:

UPS – Designing Resilient UPS Systems

  • Designing Resilience
  • True N+1 with DPA UPS Systems
  • Configuring a UPS battery system for resilience
  • Configuring a UPS System – Checklist
  • Q&A
Engineer testing

CPD 2:

UPS & Fault Clearance & Neutral Earthing

Fault Clearance:

  • How does the UPS react to a downstream fault
  • Fault clearance with static bypass
  • Fault clearance without static bypass
  • Earth fault loops
  • Inverter Specifications

Neutral Earthing:

  • Basics
  • 4 Pole Chageover
  • Earth Leakage
  • Solutions
Emergency Lighting - CPD

CPD 3:

Emergency Lighting (1 or 2 hours options)

  • Standards & Legislation Overview, including risk, responsibility & competence
  • Types of Emergency Lighting
  • Lighting Levels
  • Design Decisions
    • Exit Signs
    • Point of Emphasis
    • Escape Routes
    • open Areas
    • Defined Location – Lifts, Escalators, Toilets, Plant Rooms, Car Parks, Kitchens and First Aid Points
  • System Integrity
  • Central Suppliers
  • System Documentation and Records
UPS Room Planning and Considerations

CPD 4:

UPS Room Planning and Considerations

  • Space Requirements
  • Environment
  • Battery Requirements
  • Maintenance

These seminars can contribute to your CIBSE CPD requirement and following the seminar, all attendees will receive a CPD certificate, certified by CIBSE. Our certificate of course provision can be found here:

Emergency Lighting - CPD

CPD 5:

Battery Monitoring

  • Use of Volt-free contacts
  • Network Connections: SNMP and Modbus
  • UPS Remote Monitoring
  • Environment Management and Monitoring
  • Battery Management and Monitoring
UPS Room Planning and Considerations

CPD 6:

UPS for Healthcare Applications

  • Overview of UPS fundamentals, output performance
  • Main components and Transformer based vs Transformer-free UPS technology
  • Dual sources and isolation transformers
  • Fault clearance: How a UPS operates in a downstream short circuit (including HTM 06-01)
  • UPS battery requirements in healthcare applications
  • Selecting a UPS in a healthcare environment
Emergency Lighting - CPD

CPD 7:

Using UPS as Safety Services Secondary Supply

  • Why are UPS’s being used?
  • Using a UPS, the standards, regulations and guidelines
  • Fault clearance in accordance with BS:7671
  • Types of load used for life safety and considerations required
  • Battery types, management and monitoring
  • Installation and maintenance

These seminars can contribute to your CIBSE CPD requirement and following the seminar, all attendees will receive a CPD certificate, certified by CIBSE. Our certificate of course provision can be found here:

KUP – CPD Course Provider Certificate

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