Guide to choosing a UPS

The best UPS choices, and the capacity of the UPS system required for your particular situation, will reveal themselves easily if you answer three key questions:

  • What is my approximate load size in kVA?
  • What electrical problems, if any, will my load present to a UPS?
  • What are my priorities for protecting the load?

UPS capacity, and your choice of UPS, will very much depend upon the answers you give to these questions. Another important consideration before you choose your power protection solution is how to balance budgetary and space considerations against the criticality of the operational load and flexibility for future growth.

This website has a tool to help you quickly and simply estimate the answers you need. The kVA load calculator is an online tool to help you calculate the size and determine UPS capacity for the load that needs to be protected. Once calculated, the website will identify the type and size of UPS product you require. You will then have the option to download the final calculation.

Ask an Kohler Uninterruptible Power sales engineer to arrange a site survey or contact us directly to organise this. It is free of charge and will not only yield accurate results but also reveal other UPS impact factors, such as load harmonics, poor power factor or other load quality issues.

For more information or an informal discussion about UPS capacity and choosing a UPS, please call: 0800 731 3269 or email


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