Marketing Communications

Here, we explain what each of our Marketing Communications categories means.

Please be aware that KOHLER Uninterruptible Power Limited will not sell your data and will only contact you about information that is relevant to you.

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All Communications

If you select ‘ALL’, you are confirming that you would like to hear from KUP about upcoming events, receive our monthly newsletter, be notified of KUP offers and updates, receive surveys and be alerted to our latest whitepapers.

Each of these communications is explained in further detail below.

Monthly Newsletter

Our Newsletter is sent once a month and contains a roundup of the most important information and updates from KUP in the previous month, including; latest articles, events information, job vacancies with KUP, product launches, Academy ratings and more.

We never send our Newsletters more than once a month.


If you would like us to contact you about events, this means we will get in touch if we would like to invite you to any seminars, exhibitions, Academies or other networking events, that are relevant to you.

We promise to only contact you about events if they are within a reasonable distance to your current location of work, as provided by you. We may give you a call if you have shown interest in one of our events.

Offers & Updates

This refers to KUP offers and updates that we think you may be interested in or would like to be made aware of.

This communication may include:

  • product and/or service launches
  • changes to existing products and/or services
  • offers on products and/or services that are relevant to you
  • upcoming changes to KUP as a business

We will usually get in touch with you by email, but we may give you a call if we feel this is appropriate.


KUP distribute two types of surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and industry surveys, which provide us with valuable customer feedback that contribute towards us providing a better customer experience, better products and better services.

Customer satisfaction surveys: If you purchase a product and/or service, we will send you a short survey to learn about your experience as a KUP customer. This gives you a platform to rate your overall experience, as well as specific parts of your customer journey, including the delivery and service.

Industry surveys: From time to time, we would like to send you an industry survey. The aim of an industry survey is to gather thoughts and ideas regarding the current UPS industry. Your insight is valuable and contributes toward improvements to our own products and services.


Whitepapers are an authoritative report or guide, based on an in-depth topic, which aims to educate regarding current problems and solutions available in the power protection industry.

We work hard to provide high quality content, so we will not send you more than 6 whitepapers in a year.

Further Information

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information above, please email our Marketing Team directly at [email protected].

KUP also provide further information about our Privacy Policy and our Legal Terms and Conditions of Sale, Purchase and Conditions of Website on our website.