Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting – Central Battery Systems

What is an emergency lighting Central Battery System?

An emergency Lighting Central Battery System is a system that provides adequate illumination along escape routes, and in addition, can provide standby lighting to enable the safe shutdown of potentially hazardous activities prior to evacuation in the event of a mains power failure. It’s essential to get the right UPS system, therefore choosing the right static inverter is fundamental for your emergency lighting system.

What is a static inverter for emergency lighting?

A vital component for the Central Battery System, the emergency lighting static inverter converts DC power from batteries into AC power, which is then used to power lights and exit signs during a power cut. During normal operation the static inverter will remain on standby ready to activate as soon as a power outage occurs.

Which type of emergency lighting Central Battery System do I need?

The type of UPS required will depend on your lighting Load (Power).

If your load is up to 3000VA (3kVA) and you would like to use the output distribution board integral to the Inverter cabinet or you would like to use your own single phase lighting distribution board, use the KOHLER EL100XA Series.

If your load is between 4kVA and 24kVA and you would like to use a single phase lighting distribution board use the KOHLER ELMOD Series.

If your load is between 10kVA and 160kVA and you would like to use a 3-phase lighting distribution board use the KOHLER EL300DSP Series

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