Flexible tower or rack-mounted UPS system with a unique scalable design featuring easy to replace modules. Built for offices and IT rooms where space is limited and equipment must deliver value for money. Reliable and resilient, the single phase MINIpower PLUS range provides power protection in 5kVA or 10kVA UPS systems.


Choose from the MINIPowerPLUS 5000 or 10000 in a compact rack-mounted or tower configuration. All units feature automatic bypass, battery test function and temperature dependant fan speed.

MINIpowerPLUS 5000 and 10000 models

The compact 5000 model is a space-saving tower which takes up to 4 x 1.25kVA power boards and four strings of batteries. The 10000 model allows 4 to 8 boards for a maximum output of 10kVA which accommodates up to 10 string batteries.

Flexible tower system

Space-saving tower delivering either 5kVA or 10kVA of power in a unit measuring 270 x 475 x 570mm. A flexible uninterruptible power supply system for future proof scalability.

Rack-mounted version

19” rack-mounted UPS system with 4 power boards. Each UPS power board is 1.25kVA  and can provide 5kVA in capacity or 3.75kVA in parallel redundant (N+1) mode. Additional backup UPS batteries can be added in a separate rack-mounted unit.

User-friendly display screen

Multi-functional display for regular monitoring of system performance. Shows battery life, current, frequency and power.

Communications options

Fitted with D-type connectors to allow for multiple external connections. Designed for small IT rooms and offices that need a single phase UPS system that connects to external equipment.

Future-proof scalability

Additional modules and batteries can be added without replacing the whole system. Lifetime cost is kept to a minimum whilst allowing for future scalability.

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Additional information

Actual kVA

1-10 kVA


Single phase

Max. power per frame with N+1 redundancy

8.75kVA N+1

Power range per module


Rated output voltage range

220/230/240V single phase

Working mode

Online double conversion


Up to 92%

Power density per m2

Up to 45kW/m2 / 65kVA/m2

Battery compartment


Maintenance bypass


Network/web interface


Volt free contacts


Input current distortion THDi @100% load

< 3%

Input power factor @100% load


Scalable (N+1)

Yes (vertical)

Hot-swappable modules


ECA scheme approved




Standalone / Modular




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