KOHLER MF DPA Series 250 – 1500kVA / kW, Three-Phase, Modular

KOHLER MF DPA-CSB Series 1500 – 2000kVA / kW, Three-Phase, Modular

Ideal for: high powered, co-location / hyper-scale data centres.

Exceptionally resilient, flexible and scalable high power modular UPS available in distributed or centralised static bypass configurations. With best-in-market 97.4% VFI mode energy efficiency, this UPS redefines lifetime cost for data centres and other high density applications without compromising reliability.

  • Online double conversion UPS
  • DPA 250kW to 1500kW – parallelable to 6000kW
  • DPA-CSB 1500 to 2000kW – parallelable to 4500kW
  • Slide-in vertical modules
  • Single feed and dual feed options

More Information

Modular Format. Maximum Flexibility. Minimised Footprint. Market-leading Efficiency

The KOHLER MF Series has been designed with a clear goal that reliability does not require excess, and high power can exist alongside efficient use of energy. This modular UPS system combines proven DPA technology with the latest advances in components and software and is also available in a new centralised static bypass (CSB) configuration.

With innovative, vertical slide-in modules, the KOHLER MF Series enables resilient, high power density protection by reducing UPS footprint by up to 45% over traditional approaches, without compromising access for installation and maintenance.

That protection is achieved with best-in-market 97.4%  VFI energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, optimising PUE measures, and delivering significant financial savings in energy and cooling costs.

  • Online double conversion UPS
  • KOHLER MF DPA  250 kW – 1500kW – parallelable to 6000kW
  • KOHLER MF DPA-CSB 1500 kW – 2000 kW – parallelable to 4500kW
  • Slide-in vertical modules
  • Market-leading 97.4% efficiency
  • Cable-free internal connections
  • Single feed and dual feed options
  • Extra-long life wear parts

Maximised Availability with Decentralised Parallel Architecture

Decentralised parallel architecture products contain all the essential components of a UPS within each module, allowing independent operation.

DPA modules can be hot-swapped, without affecting the rest of the system, easing maintenance, reducing system repair times, and dramatically increasing availability.

Dual-feed double conversion online modular UPS now with centralised static bypass

The KOHLER MF DPA-CSB UPS Series contains the modular and DPA features of the KOHLER MF Series, with the added benefits of a centralised static bypass switch and dual feed capability when required.

The new centralised static bypass uses multiple thyristor blocks as a central static bypass, which is sized for the total combined UPS module capacity. These multiple thyristor blocks power the central static bypass meaning the bypass itself has redundancy and the higher MTBF allows the UPS to function when one of the thyristors has failed.

Best-in-market efficiency

Advanced components enable delivery of up to 97.4% efficiency at system level in VFI mode, across a wide, practical load band.

Efficiency at low loads is enhanced further by Xtra VFI mode functionality – this optimises load across modules.

Engineered. Inspired. Informed

Engineered for ease and safety, each hot-swappable, slide-in 250 kW module uses cable-free connections.

Inspired by feedback from users on what really matters, the advanced design also maximises the life of consumable / wear parts such as fans and capacitors, with replacement of such items required only once in a 15 year period.

Informed by trends to require more power from less space, the innovative physical design also allows a power density of up to 493 kW/m2, around 45% better than traditional formats.


Technical Specification

MF Series DPA MF Series DPA CSB
Actual kVA
250-1500 kVA / kW 1500 – 2000 kVA / kW
Three-phase Three-phase
Standalone / Modular
Modular Modular
Parallelable up to
4 units (6.0 mW) 4 units (4.5 mW)
Rated output voltage range
3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 415/250 V + N 3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 415/250 V + N
Working mode
Online double conversion Online double conversion
97.4% 97.4%
Input current distortion THDi @100% load
<3% at 100% linear load <3% at 100% linear load
Hot-swappable modules
Yes Yes
Data Centres, Large Networks Data Centres, Large Networks
Power density per m2
Up to 493 kW/m2 Up to 493 kW/m2

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