Battery protection and maintenance – critical to your UPS operation

Battery protection and maintenance – critical to your UPS operation

An overview of the essential components of a battery maintenance programme to ensure minimum power failure and downtime. Batteries are key to the overall reliability and availability of a power protection system, as they supply the critical load if the mains fails. Also, given that the cost of a battery makes up a significant part of the UPS, ensuring it is protected and maintained is essential for a 24/7 business.

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    The White Paper explores some of the greatest threats to battery life, including elevated temperatures and the amount of discharge-recharge cycles. These and other threats are analysed, together with guidance on the key components of a successful battery management programme.

    Advice is also given on protection from misuse and inadequate charging voltages, as well as proactive battery failure detection. Reviews and recommendations of UPS systems with Flexible Battery Management (FBM) provide possible solutions for anyone responsible for backup power in a demanding IT environment.

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