Dedicated. Reliable. Essential: Choosing the right UPS supplier for the healthcare industry

There are few markets where the role of UPS systems is more critical than within medical and healthcare related applications. Uninterruptible power supplies operating in this arena are called upon to support everything from 24/7 access to patient records to vital life support systems and even ambulance control centres. Quite literally, lives are at stake so finding a UPS supplier you can rely on is essential.

Complex and varied requirements naturally require highly tailored UPS power solutions, designed specifically for the industry in question. It was with this in mind that KOHLER Uninterruptible Power Limited, a KOHLER company (KUP.) developed a complete range of advanced UPS systems, ideally suited to the specific needs of the healthcare and medical industry and designed to offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for any comparable uninterruptible power supplies.

All UPS power systems from KOHLER Uninterruptible Power. are also supported by the company’s award-winning, 24/7/365 service network that covers the length and breadth of the UK and offers guaranteed call-out times in line with its customers’ needs.

Over the course of the last 20 years, uninterruptible power supply technology has travelled a long way, becoming significantly more reliable and efficient. However, not every UPS supplier and UPS system are created equal and knowing the difference between them is key to minimising both CapEx and OpEx for your organisation.

“Choosing a new or replacement uninterruptible power supply is a challenging process for anyone and there are dozens of UPS suppliers all claiming to offer the best UPS power solutions. What is key for medical and healthcare related buyers is that a low purchase price is often not the best decision, as it could easily tie you into a UPS solution where the overall costs are much higher over the life of the UPS power system, dramatically increasing your OpEx.

“We believe that the most important features to consider for any uninterruptible power supplies are reliability, efficiency, availability, and flexible scalability. And you have to consider them all if you want to ensure you choose wisely and purchase a uninterruptible power supply that is right for your current and future requirements.”

David Renton, Managing Director for KUP

To discover more about the importance of choosing a UPS supplier who understands your needs visit , where you will also find a list of upcoming educational events. We’re also available to chat to on the phone. Just call us on 0800 731 3269.

Key products for the healthcare industry:


Ideally suited to the healthcare industry, the KOHLER PW 3000/TP is one of the most compact, single-phase UPSsystems on the market, delivering power protection of up to 80kVA within a small footprint. Designed for midsize server rooms and small-scale critical systems, the KOHLER PW 3000/TP UPS system offers unrivalled efficiency, reliability and scalability for healthcare related networks and telecommunications systems. A best-in-class UPS power system that is simple to install, run and maintain.


A standalone, three-phase UPS system available in seven power ratings (from 10–50kVA) and three cabinet sizes – enabling you to choose the ideal internal UPS battery capacity for your requirements. A true online, double-conversion UPS power system that offers exceptional reliability and unprecedented power availability for midsize server rooms, networks, telecommunication systems and healthcare-related processes.



The three-phase KOHLER PW 8000DPA is a highly flexible uninterruptible power supply designed for low to medium density power protection healthcare applications. Leading-edge modular UPS design and proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) technology enables the KOHLER PW 8000DPA to offer incredible levels of energy efficiency, ‘six nines’ availability and continuous scalability in either a tower or rack-mountable configuration.


Emergency Lighting

The KOHLER EL series is designed to deliver complete emergency lighting protection for a range of applications. These static inverter emergency lighting systems address the need for a range of high-performance single and three-phase static inverter systems, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to give your operation the peace of mind it needs.

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