Our Values

Ethics inside human heart


Driven by our parent company KOHLER Co., KUP associates consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to the company’s ethical principles.

We all take corporate ethics seriously and we have no tolerance for activities that are not consistent with our ethical standards. By fulfilling our commitments to live by these principles, we reinforce the foundation of the company’s long-standing tradition of ethical behaviour each and every day.

people reaching up together

Stewardship & Social Responsibility

KUP is committed to approaching the work it does with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility.

Whether it’s getting involved with local community and charitable initiatives, to offering a fabulous workplace, to being as environmentally friendly as we possibly can or simply treating our associates with the respect they deserve, KUP teams get behind it whole-heartedly and with passion.

‘Believing in Better’

Who we are and what we offer

Please explore the following pages to see an overview of who we are and what we offer.

Our Opportunities

We pride ourselves on our exemplary service levels and hence are always on the look out for like minded, service-orientated individuals to join the team.