Generator Monitoring

KUP’s 24/7 remote monitoring system for all makes and sizes of standby generators.

System Monitoring


The all new Generator Remote Monitoring System is much more than just a piece of communications hardware fitted to your generator. KUP’s Generator Monitoring system is an industry leading, monitoring, management and fault rectification system integrating the latest GSM communications technology with the best 24/7 generator support personnel anywhere in the world.

Once a week the monitoring system automatically starts your generator and runs it for 10 minutes, checking vital operating parameters such as voltage, frequency, oil and water temperature, battery condition, emergency stop and fuel levels. After the test, a full condition report is sent to the monitoring centre via phone line or GSM upload. You can also choose to receive SMS or voicemail reports sent to nominated numbers.

If your standby generators are in action, or you’re using prime power generators equipped with the system, you get 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year.


Based on a common platform, the system can be fitted to new or existing generators and programmed to monitor a huge range of parameters including:

  • Electrical – voltage, current, frequency of generator and mains power
  • Mechanical – engine data including speed, oil pressure, and temperature
  • Physical – location of the generators using the GPS network
  • Remote Control – test running, fuel levels, alarms and alerts
  • Site Specific Requirements – intruder alarms, fire alarm, etc.
    van 24-7


    Clients utilising generator remote monitoring benefit from the peace of mind through:

    • Fully automatic operation 24/7
    • Continuous monitoring of generator conditions
    • Notification of mains failure and generator operation
    • Confirmation of a successful test run
    • Automatic low fuel warning.

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