Seminar Overview

This video provides an overview of the free UPS technical seminars run by Kohler Uninterruptible Power Ltd.

KUP’s regular regional seminars are held at prestigious, accessible venues throughout the UK and Ireland. These exclusive free events are well attended by engineers, consultants, data centre professionals and IT Managers across all industries. More than just a presentation, they are essential learning and networking opportunities, providing delegates with the most up-to-date information in the industry.

With guest speakers including data centre expert Dr Ian F Bitterlin, and Peter Hollingworth, Technical Support Manager for Yuasa Batteries, these unique events cover a wide variety of topics from speakers with an in-depth knowledge of each subject. The topics at each seminar cover a broad range but generally include:

  • Common terminology used within the UPS industry
  • UPS systems topology
  • Selecting a UPS to maximise availability
  • UPS service best practice
  • Case studies of UPS installations

The detailed presentations are followed by an open forum giving you the opportunity to put your technical questions to senior KUP staff and guest speakers.

Finally, attendees have the opportunity to view live product demonstrations of the standalone and modular products by a trained UPS engineer, providing valuable hands-on experience with the products whilst providing the opportunity to put questions to a technical member of the team. The demonstrations include the modular PowerWAVE 9000DPA. Using modular technology it delivers high power density alongside a small physical footprint, reducing the total cost of ownership. The ability to safely add, or remove, UPS modules based upon changing loads enables you to ‘right-size’ your power requirements from day one, offering unrivalled efficiency, availability, scalability and flexibility, achieving virtually zero downtime and eliminating the costly disruption of mission critical applications.

Other products available to view at the seminars include the modular PowerWAVE 8000DPA, for capacities of 10 -120kVA, and the new PowerWAVE 6000 designed specifically for data centres, now available up to 500kVA with a unique small footprint.



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