UPS Hire

Whatever the occasion, KUP can offer a complete UPS rental package for UPS systems and battery cabinets, providing you with a power source during your planned outage, function, event or black building test.


UPS systems available to hire range from 1-80kVA with suitable battery based on your requirements. We stock single phase, 3-phase, rack mounted, standalone & modular products. KUP offers a complete UPS hire package including the delivery, installation, commissioning & battery build if required, all the way through to the de-commissioning and the removal from a site at the end of the UPS rental period.

Previous UPS hire projects include black building tests for banks, data centres, hospitals. KUP have even provided UPS rental for sporting events such as the Open Golf Championship and Wimbledon.

Should you have a UPS hire requirement please contact KUP’s Service Sales team on 01256 386752 who will be more than happy to help offer the correct UPS rental solution for your needs.


Hire Options

Hire OptionsHire ItemkVA RatingInput/Output Config.Battery enclosureFull load AutonomyDimensions ( W x D x H)Weight (kg)
APowerWAVE 100031/1phInternal7 Minutes440 x 405 x 8811.7
BMINIPower PLUS3.751/1phInternal12 Minutes @ 3.75kVA270 x 475 x 57043
CPowerWAVE 3000T/B (7.5) Internal batteries7.51/1phInternal75 Minutes450 x 860 x 1250462
DPowerWAVE 3000T/C (12) Internal batteries121/1phInternal147 Minutes550 x 896 x 16501029
EPowerWAVE 3000T/C (15) Internal batteries153/1phInternal60 Minutes550 x 896 x 1650729
FPowerWAVE 3000T/B (20) Internal batteries203/1phInternal36 Minutes450 x 860 x 1250604
GPowerWAVE 3000T/C (20) Internal batteries203/1phInternal80 Minutes550 x 896 x 16501029
HPowerWAVE 5000T/C (20) Internal batteries303/3phInternal38 Minutes550 x 896 x 16501029
IPowerWAVE 8000DPA 4 x 204 x 20 (N+1)3/3phBattery Cabinet20 Minutes @ 60kW700 x 800 x 1300188
IBattery Cabinet with batteries550 x 750 x 18001450
JPowerWAVE 8000DPA 4 x 204 x 20 (N+1)3/3phBattery Cabinet20 Minutes @ 60kW700 x 800 x 1300188
JBattery Cabinet with batteries500 x 750 x 18001450
KPowerWAVE 9000DPA 3 x 403 x 40 (N+1)3/3phBattery Cabinet25 Minutes @ 80kVA550 x 780 x 1975340
KBattery Cabinet with batteries450 x 950 x 14201690


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