Making your Emergency Lighting exit signage compliant

Emergency Lighting and exit signage are a must for commercial buildings, making it easier for people to evacuate the building in an emergency. In this article Ian Watts, Emergency Lighting expert gives some guidance notes on steps to make sure signage is suitable and complaint.

In terms of correct signage compliance may be shown by product certification to BS EN 60598.2.22

  • There should be no ambiguity as to which direction the escape route follows. From the furthest point away in a building to the ultimate place of safety.
  • For internally illuminated scenarios only specify, design and apply certified products to BS EN 60598.2.22 for the luminaires. This product approval checks performance and illuminance levels shown in the slide below.

  • There are 3 legally acceptable sign formats for the UK.  Please choose one sign type and stick to it where possible throughout your facility.  New build projects should use the most up to date format ISO 7010.

  • Maintained products are needed for public areas where persons may be unfamiliar with their surroundings. Within BS 5266 part 1 2016 the committee are keen to raise affordance of exits for all areas.  If remotely illuminated signs are being considered, then the next criteria need to be assessed.  100 lux in the mains healthy condition is a significant change.  Consideration must also be given to the angle of distribution from the approved luminaire designed to achieve 5 lux on the Perspex, Photoluminescent or self-adhesive sign.  You may need to position this product very close to the sign to achieve compliance.

  • Viewing distance is another area to be considered and the below formula will enable you to audit existing / design for new applications.

  • Positioning at the door – The joy of LED developments is that for corridor applications you generally achieve double sided product very easily due to the top diffused light through the blade that is pointing left from one direction and right from the other.

We hope the above guidance will support your decisions in correct application of signage but if you have any questions or need support then please feel free to contact KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s Emergency Lighting Business Development Manager Ian Watts.

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