Introducing the new KOHLER Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) Medical IT system

Medical Isolated Power Supply for Electrical Medical IT Systems

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP) is delighted to announce the launch of its new Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) system.

MIPS provide patient safety by reducing electrical shock hazard, reducing tripping of breakers during earth faults and continuously monitoring normal and abnormal conditions. These vital electrical medical IT systems are isolated from earth and enable insulation maintenance faults to be monitored. Used in Medical Group 2 locations, according to HTM-06-01, they minimise risk of failure so that, in the event of a first fault to earth, supply continuity is maintained.

Responding to client requests, KUP now offers a superior quality, high-specification Medical IT (Medical Isolated Power Supply).  This is able to easily integrate with the many KOHLER UPS and generator systems installed in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, or those of other manufacturers. Backed by best-in-class support, the UK built system was designed from the outset to fully meet or exceed the requirements of UK HTM-06-01 whilst incorporating design features identified during customer research.

Systems may be configured with four different levels of power distribution (6, 12, 18 or 24 MCBs), giving flexibility of use across locations including operating rooms, intensive care rooms, MRI suites, recovery rooms and therapy rooms. Complementing the core MIPS unit are modern, easy to use status and alarm panels for local, operating room and central control room indication.

IPS front on fully open

KOHLER Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) system

Key features

Central Alarm Panel: The Central Alarm Panel provides centralised monitoring of all MIPS and UPS equipment within the healthcare facility. A web browser allows authorised users to access the virtual panel from anywhere on the facility network.

Maintenance bypass switch: Each MIPS system is provided with a rotary break before make Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS). The MBS allows the output to be connected to the ATS, or directly to the primary supply or the secondary supply; the switch also allows the output to be isolated OFF.

Transfer relay: Every MIPS system can be supplied by two different source supplies. The transfer system provides a fast changeover between supplies.

IP41 construction: Lockable IP41 external cabinet assures adequate ventilation via easily maintained dust filters.

Easy installation: Top entry cable glands provide easy access to the terminals for all power, load and monitoring cable infrastructure whilst pre-installed transformers speed commissioning.

To find out more about KUP’s MIPS systems, please get in touch by calling 01256 386700.

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