UPS Capacitor Replacement Recommendations

In reference to recent HSE statements, and their guidelines regarding capacitors in a UPS system, it is worth noting that KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s products are not affected. However, it acts as a reminder of the importance that should be given to the pro-active replacement of both AC & DC capacitors in a UPS system; which will ensure ongoing reliability and resilience to your UPS system and in turn mitigate the risks to the critical load supported.

The components within the KOHLER PW UPS products are of a high quality to help ensure many years of trouble-free operation. As with all models and manufacturers of UPS, the AC and DC capacitors have a finite working life and should be replaced as part of an ongoing preventative maintenance regime. The manufacturer recommends that the capacitors are replaced after 5 years of operation on the assumption that the KOHLER PW UPS has been operated in ambient temperatures of less than 25°C. If the capacitors should fail, they may cause damage to other components within the UPS system, which may result in great expense to repair. With a capacitor replacement programme from KOHLER Uninterruptible Power, the new capacitors will be supplied with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and the old capacitors will be removed and disposed of safely.

What are the consequences of capacity failure?

The DC capacitors are located electrically between the rectifier and the inverter stage of the UPS. Should the DC capacitors fail, the rectifier may fail which can affect other internal components, dramatically increasing the repair costs and potentially putting the critical load at risk. The AC capacitors are located in the input and output stages of the UPS. They act as a filter, and should they fail, smoke is likely to be issued and the UPS would switch to internal bypass. This means that the critical load would be supplied by raw mains and will not be protected from mains disturbance. Another possibility is that other internal UPS components could be affected, putting the critical load at risk.

Benefits of replacement

  • Ensure continuous uptime and availability of your UPS system
  • Extend the liftime of your system
  • Avoid the risk of additional costs for repair
  • Ability to allocate budget for component replacement

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