Space Optimisation

This video outlines Dr Ian Bitterlin’s view, a Chartered Engineer within the Data Centre industry for over 25 years, regarding space optimisation.

Video Transcript

Dr Ian F Bitterlin: My name’s Ian Bitterlin and I’m a chartered engineer. I’ve been in the data centre industry for the best part of 25 years.

With the advent of high density loads in a datacentre, the actual plant space taken out by plants such as UPS and generators has been defocused from what it was in the past, because in the past people worried about space optimisation.

Now actually the load density is such that space optimisation is not so important.

Having said that, modern UPS’s take up a fraction of the footprint of traditional UPS’s so the problem has kind of gone away as the designs have become far more compact and the load densities have become much higher.

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