Load & Efficiency within a DC

This video outlines Dr Ian Bitterlin’s view, a Chartered Engineer within the Data Centre industry for over 25 years, regarding Load & Efficiency within a DC.

Video Transcript

One of the biggest problems with UPS in data centres, certainly to date with the exception of the very largest users, is partial load.

No one seems to be able to predict the way the load will grow, so one of the problems for UPS is running a partial load is a problem with relative low efficiency, which has been vastly improved with the advent of new IGBT and transformer-less UPS’s but nonetheless, it’s still a problem.

It’s solved by scalable designs, and solved in particular by modular designs, especially in the mid power range.

So a modular design can be bought, and you can scale your power up and down to suit the load and operate the UPS system at its maximum efficiency all of the time, which will obviously minimise your costs.

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