Key Considerations in Selecting a UPS for a Data Centre

This video outlines the key points to consider when purchasing a potential UPS for a Data Centres as outlined by Dr Ian Bitterlin; a Chartered Engineer within the Data Centre industry for almost 25 years.

Video Transcription

Dr Ian Bitterlin: My name’s Ian Bitterlin and I’m a Chartered Engineer. I’ve been in the Data Centre industry for the best part of 25 years.

The key considerations for buying a UPS for a Data Centre are track record, availability, reliability, efficiency and a good after sales service network.

People often like to make lists and rank such things as availability, footprint, efficiency and TCO.

If you have to rank them, I’d put availability at the highest.

Obviously the UPS is required to work very reliably for a long period of time.

The second thing would be TCO, of which efficiency is a part, and I wouldn’t rank footprint and such physical attributes as very important at all.

One of the most important issues in buying a UPS is the matter of after sales service.

One problem the industry’s got is that far too many UPS’s are bought buy contractors specified by consultants but the end user isn’t involved in the purchasing decision.

If they were I think that service would become more of an issue when buying a UPS.

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