Capital Expenditure V Operational Expenditure

This video outlines Dr Ian Bitterlin’s view, a Chartered Engineer within the Data Centre industry for over 25 years, regarding Capital Expenditure.

Video Transcript

Dr Ian F Bitterlin: My name’s Ian Bitterlin and I’m a chartered engineer. I’ve been in the data centre industry for the best part of 25 years.

When a contractor’s buying a UPS obviously they’re only ever concerned about the capital price, but from an end user’s point of view the lifetime cost is far more important so the opex is far more important, both in terms of energy efficiency and service availability and cost.

There’s no point having cheap service that’s not very good., you’ve got to pay for a proper service backup to get your availability to where you think it’s going to be, so it depends on the client.

The client in the end has to pay both the capex and the opex, but should be much more focused on the opex than the total cost of energy.

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