Case Study Video: Datanet

This is a video testimonial made by Conleth McCallan, the Managing Director of Datanet. He explains his experience with using KUP as their uninterruptible power supplier as well as the great business relationship that has developed over time.

Video Transcript

Obviously it’s very important for providing critical services to our customers. Our customers have to have their servers and their services uptime of 100%. We can’t allow for any failures.

My name is Conleth MCCallan, I’m the Managing Director of Datanet.
Datanet is an Internet Service Provider.
We started business way back in 1995, providing business class internet services.

As the years have gone by, we’ve provided and specialised in connectivity and hosting.

The hosting largely takes place here from our Aspen House Fleet Data Centre.

I’m really proud of our Aspen House Fleet Data Centre it’s a culmination of many years of hard work.

We started building it in 2007, the first phase went live in 2008.  So we spent a lot of money getting our own electrical sub station outside of Aspen House and we installed three generators outside again to give us high reliability.

When it came to the UPSs it was very important that we had the best technology available, the most reliable technology available.

We looked at the PowerWAVE9000DPA modular systems from KUP.
What I particularly liked about the PowerWAVE9000 was the modular nature.  It meant that I could scale up as my demand increases.  It meant that I have high reliability and high availability all in one box.  At least three modules in each box meant that I could deploy an N + 1 solution without having to go and buy extra UPSs on day one.

Our relationship with KUP now has been running for about 4 years, and over those 4 years, not only have we had high reliability UPSs, but we’ve had great service from the service team.

Once or twice a year they come along to do the maintenance work, they check the batteries, they check the modules, they do the tests that they have to do.

They do everything on time, they do it when they say they’re going to do, and on the rare occasion when we feel we need to bring them out because we have perhaps an error message or something like that, they respond very quickly and they’re always onsite within a few hours.

We’re very, very happy with our relationship, our choice of UPS in the first place, and the choice of the company KUP to support us. It’s been a great story for Datanet and it has been an integral part of the success here at Aspen House Fleet.

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