Wokingham Borough Council

This video comes from the Wokingham borough council and talks about the UPS system which they have recently installed. The narrators in the video explain how it is vital for the IT equipment in the building to stay online at all times. Without power not only can people within the council office not function but there is also limited interaction with the public, something which is vital for the council. An uninterrupted power supply allows for the power within a building to stay on for prolonged periods during power cuts.

Video Transcript

Kevin: We’re here today at Wokingham Borough Council in the Chamber Office, it’s here where we supplied and installed a 90 KVA UPS System and 400 KVA standby generator. This equipment provides protection for the Borough Council and their data centre in the event of a prolonged mains failure.

Chris: We currently are the main heart of Wokingham Borough looking after all the children’s services, all the schools, all the planning, building control throughout the Borough and so this is the general heart of the council. We have IT systems here that we need to maintain at all times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have uninterruptible power supply systems here with standby generator systems.

Kevin: The 90 KVA UPS system supplied offers instant protection for the IT and data centre.

Chris: Last year the council offices lost the supply to the building, the supply to the building was constantly maintained. This was fortunately because we had a UPS system in line with our IT servers and we had no interruption into the supply at all.

Kevin: Outside we have a 400 KVA SDMO diesel powered generator offering protection for the entire building in prolonged mains failures.

Chris: If we didn’t have a UPS system we would automatically lose our IT equipment and if we didn’t have a generator to keep our IT systems going then no one could operate. One within the council offices, and also there’s no interaction between any of the services throughout the whole borough. It’s the hub of the community.



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