Using UPS Systems with Generators

Using UPS Systems with Generators

Industry-leading White Paper with functional solutions on how to combine UPS systems with generators to provide 24/7 power. Provides practical recommendations for systems that can withstand the most demanding environments running mission critical applications.

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    The White Paper explores the common issues that arise from UPS systems and generators being used on their own, and suggests their combined use to vastly reduce downtime and outages. As every business has different needs, the White Paper outlines the factors to consider before implementing a new system together with common compatibility issues and practical solutions.

    Included in the White Paper are generator sizing guidelines, advice on step loading and where to locate the generator, and suggestions for electrical installation. It gives hands-on advice and tips to help with the installation of a UPS system and generator working in tandem. An essential guide for data centre owners and operators looking for a low risk solution for 24/7 year-round power.

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