KUP PowerREPORTER. A virtual power engineer on your site 24/7

Designed specifically for continuous monitoring and management of UPS systems, KUP’s PowerREPORTER ensures a business’ critical load and mission-critical systems are protected, even during unmanned hours.

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By constantly communicating with the UPS system, PowerREPORTER automatically detects all error and alarm messages and immediately relays the information back to the KUP Service Centre, transmitting a status message with available details relating to the fault.

The dedicated KUP Support Centre is manned 24/7/365 by specialist analysts and consultants who collect, assess and respond to all fault transmissions, liaising with the nationwide KUP field service teams to interrogate, manage and perform all necessary remote diagnostics, before reaching the facility to carry out further tests and find an effective solution to the fault.

One user of PowerREPORTER, from a London-based Hedge Fund organisation, commented:

“PowerREPORTER provides valuable eyes and ears in our server room during weekends, out of hours and unmonitored periods with engineer backup. We have previously been called by the engineer, out of hours, and the problem rectified before the next working day. PowerREPORTER communicates securely and further provides the capability for us to monitor the system’s web front-end, plus has a remote power-off capability.”

Protection can be further augmented with the inclusion of KUP’s PowerNSURE battery monitoring. Provided by an ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system, PowerNSURE measures the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of each battery using webmanagement technology. The system then corrects the charging voltage operating range, through the Equalisation process to help prevent gassing, dry-out and thermal runaway.

For further information about PowerREPORTER or PowerNSURE phone 01256 386700 or email [email protected]


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