This video discusses the new uninterruptible power supply solution that AEGON had installed by UPS Limited. Jim Ferguson, Facilities Manager at AEGON, explains why he chose UPS LTD to install a UPS system for their business.

Video transcript

Jim: I was looking for cost efficiencies, sustainability. I was looking to allow the business to continuously run. I was looking for quickness of turnaround, no interruption to the business. The UPS actually gave me a head start for that. The technology part was this is a 15 year old building and so therefore the infrastructure that we had was clearly coming to the end of its life cycle so as a requirement to bring it into the 21st century it was looked at that really this needed to happen. Clearly from an IT perspective we are under specific pressures and so therefore best practice, best guidance – we look for that so technology was an issue but you know it wasn’t the whole thing.

Alan: We brought to this a lot of our experience in the past about the distribution system’s flexibility and how they could plug things up which they adapted.

Jim: Well we want to be in a position to actually sustain the business. Clearly if anything was to go wrong here we would be in trouble very quickly, and from a business perspective that cannot be allowed to happen.

Alan: Our approach basically was we hoped to make this place secure even during the construction period.

Jim: That’s where UPS come in to it; they give a start breadth of you like, dimension to allow us to carry on our business. UPS was actually a requirement. They came with a high recommendation and once sitting down with UPS they effectively became very quickly the people we wanted to deal with.

Alan: You’re looking at what the implication is, how will that effect the business, how will that effect the supplies, and you tailor things to work round that and sometimes that means putting in a whole new distribution as we’ve done here.

Jim: The modular system is ideal for my operation, i can actually pull something out, do what i got to do in it, put it back in again and effectively we don’t interrupt the business. So from that standpoint it’s an economic thing and it’s a sustainable thing. Whilst every project has its edges to take care of i think that this one went really well.



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