PowerWAVE 6000

Transformerless 3 phase UPS from 60 kVA to 500 kVA, parallelable up to 5 MVA. Offering both intelligent energy management and maximum power protection it uses less energy, achieves significant cost reductions, saves on valuable floor space and has a reduced impact on the environment.


Intelligent power protection for fast-changing IT environments that demand zero downtime. A flexible uninterruptible power system offering high energy efficiency.

High efficiency

Industry-leading design with Energy Saving Inverter Switching (ESIS) technology, the PowerWAVE 6000 guarantees high efficiency at partial and rated loads.

 Improved input performance

Low input total harmonic distortion (THDi) reduces installation costs and saves unnecessary over-sizing of generators, cabling and equipment to extend the life of input components.

Extended battery life

Bespoke configuration provides extended battery life and allows each backup battery to match the required amount of power. Running costs are reduced.

Blade friendly

Designed to power all types of electrical loads including high-powered servers. It can provide fully rated output power to power factors from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging.

Additional information

Actual kVA

60-500 kVA (500kW)


Three phase

Standalone / Modular


Parallelable up to

10 x UPS units

Rated output voltage range

380/220; 400/230; 415/240V three phase

Working mode

Online double conversion


Up to 96%

Power density per m2

Up to 363kW/m2 / 364kVA/m2

Battery compartment

External battery cabinets

Maintenance bypass


Network/web interface


Volt free contacts


Input current distortion THDi @100% load


Scalable (N+1)

Yes (horizontal)

Hot-swappable modules





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