PowerWAVE 3000/P1

The PowerWAVE 3000/P1 solves the problem of providing economic, reliable critical power protection for larger single-phase applications. Offering the highest energy efficiency in its class, combined with a small footprint and advanced double-conversion, the 3000/P1 lowers energy costs and carbon emissions, as recognised as a growing concern among customers.


The PowerWAVE 3000/P1 is the most energy efficient UPS in its class, capable of being paralleled up to four units. The 3000/P1 offers efficiency, scalability and reliability for industrial processes, networks and telecommunication systems.

Efficiency – the 3000/P1 has an efficiency of up to 96.6%, beating all others in its class

Unity power factor – the 3000/P1 is 100% compatible with today’s high power factor loads

Small footprint – ideal for space-limited areas in which only lower capacity units may have fitted previously

4.3” graphical touch screen display – providing quick access to vital information about system performance for instant monitoring

Dual feed – providing an extra layer of redundancy


Additional information

Actual kVA

10kVA & 20kVA


Single phase

Max. power per frame with N+1 redundancy

20 kVA

Parallelable up to

4 x UPS Systems

Rated output voltage range

220 / 230 / 240 VAC (Ph-N)

Working mode

Online double conversion


Up to 96.6%

Battery compartment

Included in UPS cabinet

Input current distortion THDi @100% load

<=4% @ 100% linear load, <= 5% @ 100% non-linear load

Input power factor @100% load


Scalable (N+1)

Yes (vertical)




Small Business

Standalone / Modular



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