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UPS Jargon Buster

UPS Jargon Buster

If you’re trying to specify a UPS system, you’ll find yourself confronted, as with any technology, by a fair amount of jargon – which could be confusing if you’re not...

Installing a UPS System

Once you’ve decided to protect your IT facility with a UPS system, there are several essential steps to ensuring that the UPS is installed with minimal disruption, then performs to...
Surrey Fire & Rescue Service

Surrey Fire & Rescue Service

Surrey Fire & Rescue Service achieves uninterrupted protection for the county The Challenge Surrey Fire & Rescue Service provides a 24/7 '999' call centre available to all residents and visitors...
Video Seminar Overview

Seminar Overview

This video provides an overview of the free UPS technical seminars run by Kohler Uninterruptible Power Ltd. KUP's regular regional seminars are held at prestigious, accessible venues throughout the UK...

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