Free WEBINAR: How to improve UPS efficiency in your data centre

Register to view this free on-demand webinar, filmed at Mercedes Benz World, featuring a presentation from renowned data centre expect, Prof Ian F Bitterlin.

WEBINAR - How to improve UPS effiency

This webinar provides essential information for consultants, electrical engineers, IT facility managers, and data centre owners, operators & builders.

View this online webinar to:

• Understand about UPS systems topology in data centres, including tier structures and the negative downside of 2N
• Learn how to improve UPS efficiency within your data centre
• Find out how to select a UPS to maximise availability & optimise total cost of ownership
• Listen to real-life case studies of modular UPS installations

Register here to view the full webinar presentations from Prof Bitterlin and Mike Elms, KUP UK Sales Manager
For a copy of the presentation slides simply email us and we will send them to you.


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