Critical UPS Power Solutions for Medical Refrigerators

The UK Government has set a target to give the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to 15 million people in four key groups by mid-February. The success of this huge immunisation programme will need to be bolstered by a strong and sustainable cold chain.

As this immunisation drive further expands into the deeper regions of the country, one of the challenges in sustaining an uninterrupted vaccine supply chain will be having critical power protection.

Power outages can result in costly losses of vaccines when the temperature within the vaccine refrigerators go out of range and there is a cold chain failure.

According to the World Health Organization, as many as 50% of vaccines go to waste each year because of improper handling, including temperature control problems. With the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna requiring storage at extremely low temperatures, addressing this issue is critical. Fridges will remain cold for some time in the event of a power loss, but with regular opening and closing due to the amount of vaccines that are being administered, the temperature will rise at a much faster rate. This means that it is more essential than ever to have a constant and stable power supply.

KUP offers a single-phase MINIPowerPLUS UPS system that can power fridges or freezers with an increased UPS battery backup time of 10 hours, making them ideal for medical facilities and life-saving vaccinations.

The uninterruptible power supply has the facility of an internal N+1 parallel redundancy for high availability and reliability, which protects against power outages and has significant operational and financial benefits.

The MINIPowerPLUS UPS solution can be used to power one refrigerator or multiple appliances.


Kohler Uninterruptible Power are leading suppliers of UPS systems backed by technical expertise and knowledge and have a reputation for uncompromising UPS service excellence and delivery. With an impressive record in healthcare applications their dedicated UPS service and projects team ensure the life-long reliable operation of UPS power protection systems.

Get the complete assurance of continuous availability through remote monitoring, ideal for mission-critical systems and unmanned sites. With constant communication and connection to the KUP Support Centre, manned 24/7/365, any error can be collected, assessed and responded to in real-time.

Contact KUP now to learn more about how the MINIPowerPlus UPS system can help with your vaccine protection solution.


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